Terms and Conditions

Scarlett Club guarantees premium service for all customers who apply to us. We recommend you to become familiar with terms and conditions prior to ordering services from the company.

You should take into account that you pay for companionship, for time, during which the lady accompanies you where you need or spends time with you. Additional services do not enter this fee. You should discuss it with your companion. It is not concern of the company.

Our escort ladies are always well-mannered. Politeness and courtesy are necessary qualities of all who work for Scarlett Club. The company does not offer services to abusive clients and reserves the right to terminate the deal in case of inappropriate treatment –when verbal threats or physically abusive behavior take place.

When customer orders the service and then cancels it, 20% of the fee is deducted. In case the escort girl spends more than 15 minutes with a client, it automatically confirms the order.

We do not permit to take photos or videos of the escort ladies from our company. It is also forbidden for ladies to share their personal contacts.

The company deals with clients who stay in expensive hotels only (not lower than 4 stars). Also, private apartment or service apartment is acceptable. If you stay in a budget and hourly-rate hotel, you may not order a lady.

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